The biggest BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY this YEAR is selling services to local businesses desperate to survive and it is none other than Restaurants

Start a business with this Contactless Restaurant Menu Maker within 7 minutes. With the help of this digital menu, customers can scan the QR code and check the menu on their phones.

MAGNET IN the Orders.

Conventional Food Ordering Will Never Be The Same.

As most local restaurants come in and out of lockdown, social distancing is now having a major effect on revenue and it doesn’t look like it will improve anytime soon!

Unless a Restaurant Owner can Pivot and create new streams of income chances are they will not survive on dine in customers only.

The obvious new service a restaurant can add is a takeaway, room service (If they are nearby to accommodations or lodging) and delivery services and this is critical and esssential to increase the needed revenue to cover the ongoing overhead AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

With Fuloh, the restaurant are able to pivot their business with all these extra services in just 7 MINUTES.

If there is an easier way to create long term recurring income from local restaurants…

This is it!!

Fuloh menu maker / Digital QR code instant ordering system is the perfect tool for restaurants, bars, cafeterias, pizzerias, hotels, and other types of business to provide their customers the ability to view your restaurant’s menu with an attractive digital QR menu and help them place their order with a few simple clicks from their own device. Use QR Code and impress your clients with service speed, amplify your reach, save valuable time to “wait for waiter” because your customers deserve smarter tables.

For Restaurants

  1. Register and create Your Restaurant’s account.
  2. Go to the menu page and create your menu.
  3. Print your QR codes for tables, and wait for orders!

For Customers

  1. Use the phone camera or QR Application to scan the code.
  2. Scroll around the menu and make your order.
  3. Your order is instantly received, and it’s coming!

Optional Guest Type

All Currency Supported. Currency can be set individually by each store.

Call Waiter Feature.
Order Sent to Whatsapp. After the customer make the order they can select to sent the order via whatsapp to the restaurant.

How It Works for Restaurant.

Log in
Log in and update the vendor account.
Register you store details
Create Menu
Create your menu visible for your customers.
Print QR Code
Put the printed tags on your tables.
Display Your QR Codes And Start Receiving Orders
Display the Qr Codes or Links in your online and offline store. When they order something, you get notified instantly!

With 5 Simple Steps, the vendor are able to explore into the world of digitalisation, and giving the customers the peace of mind when dine in and limiting the use of physical menus and promoting touchless ordering and cashless payments reduces the risk of virus transmission, and keeps your customers and employees safe.

Benefits for Restaurants

Offer the guests clean and modern solution to see their menu. Regular print menus are touched with up to 100 hands per day.

Paper menu is getting ruined quickly. So they need to reprint. With QR Menu the QR card or sticker is protected and can last a lot longer.

For any new dishes, using a print menu, they need to reprint their menu or introduce a new sheet of paper in their menu. With QR Menu, they just go to the website and update the menu.

ECO friendly. I big restaurant menu = 1 tree. Yes, for real.

Restaurants can share their menu online. Based on research conducted by open table, 86% of customers regularly check out menus online before they dine out.

Benefits for Clients

Super clean solution. Using their phone, they just scan the QR, and they see the menu. No mobile app required.

No need to wait for a waiter just to bring the menu.

Sometimes, on bigger tables, guests need to wait for others to read the menu, and then pass to them. No more, using their phones everyone can have the menu instantly.

According to a study, 30% of the print menu prices aren’t up to date. With the QR menu, they will always see up to date prices and menu items.

They will be able to quickly see the correct item price. They are able to select different item variants and variant’s extras.

Here’s my golden advice…Start a subscription business in less than 10 min

Start Providing professional services to all this local businesses today, we had it all done for you. Only at USD 25 (Price might increase)

  • You’ll get a store account registered under our system as a reseller with one year access.
  • You’ll get to order a new account for your customer and resell to them under a subscription business.
  • Everything you needed to START is included today.
  • You can be the go to guy/girl for all digital setup in the fnb business.
  • Sell your services at any rates you want. From our survey, restaurant or café pay around USD 39 per month for the digital QR Menu system. That is 300% earning on your side.
  • Good opportunity as a work from home business or part time income.
  • 90% set and forget automation, do the work once and get paid month after months. It is completely automated and scalable.
  • Take advantage of this pandemic, and turn it into your favor.

EVERGREEN PRODUCT – Set it up once and use our system to continue PROFITING.

Not only you’ll earn and help local businesses earn and stand out from their business, but you’ll be able to make money from them every month again and again.

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Bonus One

22 Premium Restaurant Food Menu Templates From My Collections

Inside this bonus, you will get 22 premium restaurant templates, for you to edit and rebrand it in your own words. The packages include:

FLYER FEATURES 2 PSD (Adobe Photoshop), Well organized layers A4 Size (8.27×11.69) full editable CMYK 300 DPI Print Ready Layered by name Fully editable – all colors and text can be modified.

This food menu template can be use to showcase the food available as a flyer in social media or as a print out decoration design with information of the food to be display in the cafe.

Bonus Two

Logo Design Template Bundle Pack / Food / Restaurant / Logo Design / Icon / EPS

✔ 27 EPS files can use Ai or CorelDraw to edit and modify
✔ 27 JPG files for preview
✔ Digital download version
✔ Large format picture, suitable for printing, design and website

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